When you use PayPal as a payment method, make sure you follow their guidelines and don;t violate PayPal polices. Also read and follow these 10 reasons. It will help you to safeguard your PayPal account from limiting. Sometimes you can provide some details and lift the limitation. Sometimes PayPal might permanently limit your account. If that happened, you need to wait 180 days to withdraw the money in your account. Even that sometimes PayPal will deduct all the available money from your account. Their explanation is for doing that is damaging PayPal reputation.

1.Create more than one account

PayPal allowed to create and use 2 accounts for each person. One personal account and one Business account. If they found you have created a 3rd account, they will limit your all accounts.

2.Suddenly received a big amount of money

If your account received a big amount suddenly, PayPal will limit your account and they will ask you to verify your transaction and ID proof.

3.Zero balance

Do not withdraw all the money from your PayPal account. Keep some in the account.

4.Withdraw money often

Do not withdraw money everyday. It’s good idea to log in to your PayPal account 2 times a month and withdraw 2 times only.

5.Refunding money

If you always refund money, PayPal will limit your account. because refunding mean PayPal does not earn anything from your transactions. They don’t need you anymore.

6.Verify your account

Verify your PayPal account. Verify phone number, Bank card or account.

7.Change your personal details

Do not change your personal details again and again.


If someone complain about your account for a scam or something like that, PayPal will limit the account.

9.Changing devices

If you are login to your account from different devices, PayPal will thin it’s a security threat and limit your account for safety.

10.Damaging PayPal reputation

If you did something that damage PayPal reputation, they will kick you out from their platform.

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