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Dropshipping is a hot topic these days. Most people are interested in selling on eBay. But everyone doesn’t have their own products to sell. At this point, Aliexpress comes to rescue you from this problem. Aliexpress has thousands of products you can sell on eBay. Okay now let’s get into the topic. Alisave extension for firefox used for download Aliexpress product images in one click. Yes, you can download Aliexpress images easily. Read the full article to learn the pros and cons of Alisave Chrome/firefox extensions.

How to use Alisave Extension for Firefox

I will put the download link below for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Just add it to your web browser and open the Aliexpress product page. Then you can see a small icon beside the product image thumbnails. Click that icon to download all the images. You are done.

Read this before use the Alisave Extension for Firefox

Alisave is a easy way to dowanload the images. But there is a small problem that you cannot use these images directly on eBay. Because of image meta data, eBay might penalize you or give you a warning to remove these images. To avoid this problem just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Make sure to remove any third party store names or logos from images.

Step 2 – Use a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop to remove image meta data.

How to remove image meta data from downloaded image

1.Open the image on Adobe Photoshop.

2.Create a new layer 500px*500px size.

3.Drag and drop the image to that layer.

4.Adjust the image to fit to the layer.

5.Click File menu and click file info.

6.In here you can add your hyper links and copyright notes to the image as new meta data.

7.Add keywords related your products also.

8.Save the image in jpeg format.

9.Use this image on eBay.


Click here to add Alisave Extension to Chrome web browser.

Click here to add Alisave Extension to Firefox web browser.

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