How To Open A New eBay Account After Suspension

Creating a new eBay account after suspension

If eBay suspended your account, the first thing you should do is contact eBay and ask them to reinstate your account. Sometimes even if you did not do anything wrong, the eBay algorithm might permanently suspend your account. If this happens and eBay customer service also refuses to reinstate your account, the next and only option is to create a new eBay account.

I created a new eBay account and that one also suspended. Why ?

That because your new account also detected by the eBay algorithm and they found a link to your old account.

How do eBay algorithm detects my old data ?

1.Web browser cookies



4.Phone number

5.e-mail address

6.PayPal account

7.eBay username

8.Credit or Debit card

How to avoid these

So Now you can understand why your new eBay account also suspended. Do not use any of old account details for the new account. Use a new name, new e-Mail, new phone number, new address and new PayPal account too. Never use old data.

Can i use old PayPal account ?

Some people might say you can use an old PayPal account by changing the PayPal e-mail address. But the truth is eBay recognizes your PayPal account by the merchant Id. Not from the e-mail address. So changing the PayPal e-mail address might not work. It’s recommended to create a new PayPal account too.

Zip/Postal code

Make sure to use a true zip/postal code according to your address. Using a fake zip/postal code might could be a problem. because anyone can check the zip/postal codes. If you put a fake zip/postal code and the eBay personnel can recognize this is a fake account. The result is suspended account again.

Credit/Debit Card

If you linked your credit/debit card to the eBay account and the account got suspended, do not use that card with the new account. But this is different with the PayPal. Even your eBay suspended, you can remove the credit/debit card from old PayPal account and link it to the new PayPal account. That would not be an issue.

eBay username

Don’t activate selling on a new eBay account. At least wait for sometime and show them a buying activity. try to collect some positive feedback from sellers. This is not necessary. But doing this could build some trust to the eBay. Do not change the eBay username on a new account. some people change the username to my store or to similar names. If you want to start selling do it slowly. Slowly means buy some products, add some product to watch-list, bid for auctions etc.

First Listing on a new account

Try to list a used product with auction format. You can find something from your home. could be an old Ram card, laptop charger, etc. List this item as used. Do not list drop-shipping products on a new account. This will lead to an account suspension. Read the eBay dropshipping policy also. I’m not saying you stop drop shipping. what I said is wait and go slowly.

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