Why eBay removes your listings

Sometimes eBay removes your listings without any warning or notifications. The only reason is you are not following eBay policies. Read the eBay item listing policy before list an item. I’m going to explain some major reasons eBay consider as a policy violations.

  1. 1.Selling Branded products
  2. If you are not an authorized retailer to sell a certain brand, eBay consider it is an unauthorized selling. eBay will remove your listing and restrict or suspend your account for a few days. Maybe you will receive a warning. Read the eBay VERO policy from below link. Do not list branded product if you do not authorize to sell.
  3. Verified Rights Owners Program (VERO)

2.Someone report your listing

Someone might report your listing for intellectual property violation. Don’t copy and use others product images or description. Use your own images and product description.

3.Selling Digital products

Do not sell digital products such as software keys, apps, eBooks, etc if you don’t have rights to resell. Follow the eBay digital product policy. Read it from below link.

eBay digitally delivered product policy

4.price gouging

Never list an item for a unfair price. All the product prices should be reasonable. Do not violate this policy. read it below.

price gouging on eBay

5.eBay error

It could be a error on eBay algorithm. You can relist the item after contact the eBay customer service.

What should i do if eBay remove my lisitng ?

Do not relist. relisting a item without knowing the exact reason may lead you and your account to a big problem. It could be a permanent suspension of your eBay account, or maybe a legal action. What you need to do is contact eBay customer service to know the exact reason. If you did violate a eBay policy, you cannot relist your item. If it is a error from the eBay system, agent will tell you to relist the item.

Read why eBay suspend your account here


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