Why was my eBay Account Suspended

Most eBay users are having this problem these days. Why eBay suspended my account. I will explain the reasons why they do that later. Before that we must know what is eBay marketplace.eBay is a market with millions of customers. Buyers are the most valuable people on eBay. It’s because anyone can sell anything, but we need buyers to buy that product. The thing is most of the time eBay takes the side of the buyer. That because eBay wants to keep the buyers with them. No buyers mean no sales. They do everything to satisfy the buyers.

Why was my eBay Account Suspended ?

As I said earlier, eBay wants to keep the buyers with them. They want buyers to trust them. they want 100% satisfied buyers.

Types of suspensions

1.Security Reasons

If eBay sees any suspicious activity on someone’s account, what they do is immediately suspend the account and ask the user to contact eBay to verify the account activity. If you change the personal details such as e-mail, name, address etc, eBay thinks maybe someone hacked your account and they suspend the account. You need to call them or use the live chat feature to contact them to verify it’s you. If they get satisfied with the details you provided, they will reinstate your account.

2.Not paying seller fees

If you are a seller and you didn’t pay the eBay selling fee after you get the invoice, they will suspend your account. This can be resolved by paying the seller fee manually.

3.Violating eBay policies (permanent suspend)

This is a bit serious situation. eBay is very strict about its policies and they want very users to follow them. No matter whether you are a buyer or seller if you break the rules. They will kick you out. Sometimes they will warn you but sometimes no warnings. Especially when you are selling something on eBay, make sure you read everything related to your product and follow the guidelines.

4.Account restrictions

When you are selling you on eBay, always list your items in a related category. Especially if the products are adult related. If not eBay will remove your listing and restrict your account for few days. We cannot tell the restriction time period. In this time period, you cannot list new products and eBay will hide your current listings from the search results also.

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